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UK-wide roles available
Civil Justice Council
3 years (8 days pa)
Civil Justice Council
20 days ago

Civil Justice Council – Non Judicial Member (x6)

The Civil Justice Council (CJC) is currently seeking to recruit six non-judicial members.

Members will include:

  • A legal executive member
  • An advice sector member
  • A lay member
  • An alternative dispute resolution (ADR) member
  • A digital technologies and information technology member
  • A solicitor member (preferably with a practice or relevant experience not currently represented on the Council e.g. a ‘claimant’ solicitor, a public law specialist, or a practice focused on digital technology)

Members of the Civil Justice Council should:

  • Contribute to the work of the CJC by participating fully in quarterly meetings.
  • Ensure that your own expertise contributes to the collegiate voice of the Council.
  • Participate in and monitor the progress of the work being undertaken by the Council out of committee.
  • Consider and contribute to the Council’s responses to proposals for reform and consultations relevant to civil justice.
  • Participate in time-limited working parties, appropriate to your expertise.
  • Act as ambassador for the Council where appropriate.

Vacancy details & application details

Full details of the role and application instructions can be found on the Public Appointments website.

The application deadline is 8 March 2023 at 11am.