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In our ‘TSR Legal meets’ interviews, we speak to professionals working in different areas of the legal sector, to draw down on their experience and insight. Rachel Phillips (TSR Legal) meets Grant Stephens, Managing Director, Grant Stephens Family Law.

Q: What has been your 2023 highlight to date?

A: This year my highlight has been witnessing the continued growth and success of Grant Stephens Family Law. We’re not even at the end of the year yet and the firm has already seen five new appointments across all levels of the business. In addition, it’s been a pleasure to award four internal promotions – a reflection of the hard work, dedication and exceptional service provided to our clients, as well as helping to drive the business forward.

Q: How does your firm stand out from the crowd?

A: We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and expertise, providing our clients with the best possible solution. Although dealing with matters in court cannot always be avoided, we understand that this is not the only option for many families. Many of our solicitors are members of Resolution which is a commitment to resolving issues in a non-confrontational manner. We have specially trained collaborative lawyers and a qualified mediator to help reduce stress and acrimony when dealing with sensitive matters.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with the Grant Stephens Family Law team?

A: We deal with all aspects of family law issues, often including complex matters. Before clients instruct us, they can often feel overwhelmed not knowing where to turn. It’s rewarding when we show clients a clear path and alleviate any added stress or pressures. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback at the end of a case, knowing a client has achieved the outcome they were looking for and that they’re able to move forward with their lives.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring lawyers?

A: My advice for any aspiring lawyer is to work hard and always put the client first. When there is a need for someone to instruct a lawyer, particularly with family law, they are often going through a very tough and emotional period in their lives.

When you become a qualified solicitor you will build a diversified caseload, dealing with multiple matters at different stages. It is important to recognise whatever stage your client is at; you want to make your client feel as though they are your only client, from start to finish. Having client care embedded in your values will be pivotal to a long and successful career as a lawyer.

Q: What are you doing to create an inclusive workplace?

A: We see everyone as equals within the firm and aim to create equal opportunities for all. We recently moved to a larger office to accommodate our growth and made the decision to work in an open-plan layout. The aim here was to remove any barriers or sense of hierarchy, allowing the team to communicate openly, and work and learn collaboratively. Celebrating success as a team is important too; we recognise the hard work of every member of the team, and regularly arrange team socials to celebrate our milestones together.

Q: What can we expect to see from Grant Stephens Family Law for the rest of 2023?

A: We hope to welcome a few more faces as we look to fill two new roles and build on the successful services we provide. Throughout 2023 we have gained over 80 new 5-star reviews and acquired the position as the top-rated family law firm in our locality (through ReviewSolicitors – an independent review gathering tool), which we aim to retain and grow nationally.

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