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Title investigation specialists ntitle has reported another record year since launching in March 2020 –its flexible solutions for conveyancers and highly responsive service has increased demand for outsourced services.

The multi award-winning business was founded by two former conveyancers who wanted to remove the burden of title investigations on conveyancers and help to speed up the process, without sacrificing on quality. Importantly, they knew just how they could transform the process.

ntitle provides a swift, expert-led and cost-effective outsourcing solution that returns title investigations within 48 hours for all conveyancing firms in England and Wales.

The team reports this can reduce the time to complete a property purchase by up to three weeks, enabling conveyancers to focus on client contact and delivering exceptional customer service whilst gaining an advantage over competitor firms.

In just four years, ntitle has received multiple awards – from supporting the industry to innovation and client care – all national awards judged by peers and influencers in the residential property sector. Using a blend of human-based expertise and technology, ntitle are able to offer the very best customer experience, providing the quality and flexibility the industry demands. Founders Nicola Davies and Nicola Ashley believe their success is down to meeting or exceeding their 48 hour title investigation delivery time, an eye on the business case for clients, and their understanding of what conveyancers like – and, as importantly, what they don’t.

An industry secret?

ntitle offer complete flexibility. From an ‘overflow’ service, during busy periods, to a full ‘concierge’ service, where ntitle are imbedded in to their clients business. It’s this flexibility and speed of service that is adding value to their customers. It allows them to improve their bottom line and frees up time to deliver a better service for their clients.

When we spoke to the founders last year in an episode of our Legal Sector Resilience Podcast (below), they admitted ntitle has perhaps been kept a bit of a secret by some firms who don’t want to admit they outsource their title investigations for fear of others following suit and losing a competitive advantage.

Rhys Swinburn, who recently invested in ntitle, explained why his head was turned by the company and its values:

“ntitle has a client retention rate of over 90% so we know the service is resonating with customers. The real challenge is awareness; many businesses don’t know the service exists. ntitle has enormous potential and this investment will allow us to scale our sales function, build brand awareness and start introducing new technology into our offering.

“We are on track to double our revenue again this year with a plan to re-invest profits, adding new services and scaling our delivery team; our 48-hour completion is paramount, we have to keep pace with demand to ensure we continue to hit this 100% of the time – as we did in 2023”

ntitle’s pledge to deliver within 48 hours actually exceeds expectations as the team reports 90% of instructions are returned within 24 hours by its team of specialists. This delivery commitment, which remarkably hasn’t waned despite the increase in clients, investigations and team size, means the business can do even more to support its clients, and its own people.

The continued 100% year-on-year growth and recent external investment into the business has enabled founders Nicola Davies and Nicola Ashley to reinvest profits back into the business, with the investment supported by leadership and scaling advice. ntitle has just launched its brand refresh on its new, more accessible website that clearly outlines the outsourced service options, fees and timescales – including a time / cost value calculator for a range of transaction types.

ntitle’s team has also grown, with the announcement of another new team member and consultant joining the business this month in readiness for another busy financial year ahead.

Long-standing clients in Wales

nitle’s very first client – a large high street firm in South Wales – doesn’t just continue to use the service, it has embedded ntitle within its entire conveyancing process to help its professionals do more of the work they love, ensuring its conveyancers aren’t working on time-consuming title investigations. This helps with the firm’s ability to offer greater flexibility and wellbeing packages to busy conveyancers – particularly useful in a recruitment and retention stressed area of law.

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Rhys believes the founders’ passion to help make conveyancing a happier, healthier and sustainable working environment has helped ntitle stand out from the crowd and is invested in enabling further client care innovations and advantages for conveyancers. He explains:

“Nicola and Nicola have a great team and their passion and leadership is playing a huge part in the success of the business.

“ntitle has achieved impressive organic growth to date. To do this, from a standing start and with no dedicated sales team is testament to both Nicola and Nicola’s hard work and the quality of the product. It’s exciting to be involved with such a fast-paced business and one which we feel we can accelerate.”

Nicola Davies & Nicola Ashley add they ‘are thrilled with the success of ntitle to date and the investment we have recently secured will help further the reach of our service to conveyancing firms in England and Wales’.

“We have a fantastic team of experts at ntitle- we are very proud of them. Thank you for all the hard work. Last but not least a huge thank you to our loyal clients for your continued support and encouragement over the last four years.”

Find out more

Ntitle is here for you to use, how you want to use it. There are no fixed contracts or commitment to instruction levels.

From help with title investigations to supplementary services and replies to enquiries, find out more on the new ntitle website here, or contact the team today via email or call 0333 242 2929, or schedule a call with us here.

Emma Waddingham

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

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