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The need for lawyers to email communications and send documents for electronic signature safely and compliantly to clients and others, is a frequent topic in Legal News events thanks to Covid-19 and the rise of remote working.

To help, we asked Mike Roberts, Head of Digital Services at FRAMA, to join us to explain what technology is available and how lawyers can utilise it quickly, easily and with confidence.

The coverage of our event with Mike, on the 26 May 2020, includes a handy live showcase of some the technology that is increasingly useful and necessary for law firms to communicate safely, quickly and compliantly during the pandemic – when we’re all working remotely – and in the future as the modern working environment looks set to change forever.

Free trial offer for Legal News Wales readers

We chose to work with FRAMA on this event due to some personal recommendations from managing partners of law firms in Wales, as well as positive feedback from the profession on LinkedIn, through the Editor’s own network of lawyers.

Mike has kindly given Legal News readers a free trial offer for June 2020, and free support:

“I’d like to offer unlimited free access to the FRAMA solution to Legal News Wales readers throughout June.

“I would also like to add that if anyone does come on board, I will waive the setup, training, installation and support costs for the lifetime that they are with us (a saving of £995 per annum).”

Mike’s contact details can be found below.

What we covered:

Mike showed us how law firms can, from Outlook (as an example):

  • Send a secure, encrypted email
  • Send a registered email
  • Send a document for an electronic signature
  • Send a file up to 1GB in size
  • Do all this without the need for recipients to download applications or other requirements to receive content, documents or sign materials.

Watch the video

(Please note, this was taken from a live event)


FRAMA is experienced in working with law firms and other professional service providers and has a highly accessible support team that’s invaluable during these testing and fast-moving times.

To contact Mike Roberts, Head of Digital Services at FRAMA UK Limited, please call his directly on 07545 292 184 / 01992 705 834 or email

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Emma Waddingham

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

Emma Waddingham is the Editor & Founder of Legal News. She is a seasoned legal editor and journalist and experienced marketing & events consultant, working almost exclusively with the UK legal sector.