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With the increased pressures on the free legal advice sector, law firms across Wales are being asked to donate creatively to Reaching Justice Wales, part of The Access to Justice Foundation, by tapping into the unlocked value of unclaimed client accounts through a risk-free, compliant process that will help the Foundation direct much-needed funds, exactly where it’s needed.

Emma Waddingham, Editor, Legal News Wales, speaks to Lynne Squires, Development Director at the Access to Justice Foundation about how law firms can use their Residual Client Account balances to help change lives in Wales and beyond – and why every penny counts.

Please watch and share the full video below with decision makers in your law firm, and find useful information and contact details below.

Every penny makes a live-saving difference so there is no client account too small (or too large)! Visit the Access to Justice Foundation’s website to see how it can compliantly help you donate your unclaimed client accounts.

Don’t let your Residual Client Balances go to waste

People without financial means, deserve to have their voices heard, to exercise their rights, to challenge discrimination and to hold decision-makers accountable, with your help more of them will have the opportunity to do so.

Your risk-free donations help to ensure that people in your community, who are facing the most challenging of times, are given access to free specialist legal advice and guidance at the time that they need it most.

When reviewing client account balance ledgers and residual client balances are found which, despite your reasonable efforts, cannot be returned to a client, we ask you to choose to donate them to the Foundation.

Donations of this kind are permitted by SRA Account Rules, clearing these balances to prevent holding balances for longer than necessary meets compliance requirements.

Importantly, an SRA approved indemnity is available in respect of donations, which means your donation is risk free. We will put the funds to active use and, should a client later be traced, the indemnified donations can be returned to your firm.

Life-saving support

With your help, the Access to Justice Foundation will raise and distribute the essential funding required to pay for the provision of a sustainable range of free legal advice services across the whole of the UK.

Helping the disadvantaged gain access to the legal support they need, at the earliest possible stage, is proven to prevent the development and/or escalation of social welfare issues, such as homelessness, unemployment, family breakdown, debt and poverty.

Get in touch

For more information on the Access to Justice Foundation, and how your firm can get involved, click here.

Emma Waddingham

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

Emma Waddingham is the Editor & Founder of Legal News. She is a seasoned legal editor and journalist and experienced marketing & events consultant, working almost exclusively with the UK legal sector.