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You may see it on LinkedIn every day; conveyancing firms openly discussing that they’ve cut transaction timelines, how they’ve adopted technology or how fees need to increase across the profession but how is this implemented and why does it give firms an edge in a competitive market, asks title investigation specialists, ntitle. 

Most firms that have adopted technology in their conveyancing processes will report that time has been saved. It’s important to consider what technology can do for your firm, how you can use it to not only save time but make money.

By implementing a streamlined conveyancing process, you can make more money because all the technology and services you’re utilising are saving you time, meaning you can take on more work, speed up transaction timelines and increase client satisfaction.

When prospective clients look for a conveyancer, often they’re referred to a firm by a family member or friend, but many people will also look online. This is where firms need to show their edge by showcasing how they can help clients move faster, why paying a bit more can benefit them and why your firm stands out from the rest.

Transformation – change things up to enable your people

Outsourcing some aspects of the conveyancing process can help your firm to see these benefits.

Firms have reported to us that using ntitle has helped with their budgets because of our fixed costs and our flexible, no minimum or maximum usage.

A particularly difficult title could take your fee earner more time than planned and this will ultimately make a difference to the profitability of the transaction.

Saving time, gaining specialist knowledge

ntitle’s services are designed to give you more time, meaning you can make more money!

Your team can submit an instruction to us in less than 3 minutes and help save over 2 weeks on your transaction timelines.

How do we do this?

  1. You submit an instruction form and your files for us to review to our secure Hub (in less than 3 minutes).
  2. Our team of experts complete your comprehensive title investigation (report on title, enquiries and snapshot).
  3. You download your completed report from our Hub (in just 2 working days).

It’s that easy!

How do you sign up and try it for yourself. Contact the team at ntitle here or call us on 0333 242 2929.