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Trish D'Souza

Cardiff & District Law Society / Capital Law

Cardiff & District Law Society’s BAME & Friends subcommittee held its first event of 2022 focusing on hate crime, to help us understand why there’s an increase in hate crime, what it is and how we can all recognise and tackle it.

This week is Race Equality Week 2022 (7 – 13 February 2022) and it seemed a fitting time to share a recording of this thought-provoking and inspiring event, delivered by Ramya Nagesh, barrister at No 5 chambers and author of the seminal text ‘A Practical Guide to the Law in relation to Hate Crime’ (her profile can be found at the end of this article).

Often in the wake of society changing events (such as Brexit, Covid-19 and the 9/11 terrorist attacks) there is a spike in Hate Crime incidents as those that share controversial and unlawful views may feel emboldened to make offensive comments or gestures without any recompense.

Ramya’s experience is that there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about the extent of the legal definition of Hate Crime which has led to significant underreporting in the past. However, through the work of local Hate Crime panels, such as in the West Midlands, which Ramya is part of, some of this misinformation is clearing particularly if localised issues are highlighted.

We all have the power to stop hate crime

One of the key messages to take away from this session is that no matter how minor you think a comment, noise or gesture might be, if it is perceived by a victim or any other person to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards a person based on their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or gender identity – it should be reported. A hate crime can include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and bullying, as well as damage to property. The police are duty bound to consider if it is a Hate Crime and consult with the CPS as to whether further action should be taken.

Importantly, a report can be made to the Police, even if the suspected crime was not made against / to you; anyone can report hate crimes that they hear or witness against others.

How is hate crime tackled in Wales?

CDLS BAME and Friends subcommittee wish to hear from criminal practitioners working in this area if they have experience of how local police forces and courts are approaching Hate crime issues – as we’d love to set up a further event to focus on National Hate Crime awareness week in October 2022.

The Welsh Government is keen to raise awareness in this area as demonstrated by the Hate Hurts Wales campaign which has been running between October 2021 and March 2022. If anyone has information about any local Hate crime panels taking place in Wales, we’d also be keen to hear more.

Watch now

For a copy of Ramya’s slides, click here.

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If you have any questions about the CDLS BAME & Friends Committee, the event or future events, please don’t hesitate to contact Trish D’Souza:

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For more information on Race Equality Week 2022 and its events, click here.

Speaker Profile

Ramya Nagesh, barrister, No5 Chambers.

Ramya has appeared on behalf of both the Prosecution and the Defence and has directly seen how the law has evolved. Together with sitting as the independent legal representative on the West Midlands Hate Crime Panel and authoring articles about hate crime for the legal publications ‘Criminal Bar quarterly’, Ramya is fast becoming the go-to hate crime expert. She recently published A Practical Guide to The Law In Relation to Hate Crime and shares her experiences in this podcast.

The CDLS BAME & Friends Committee

The CDLS BAME and Friends Committee welcome members, non-members and friends of BAME individuals to all of our events so that we can work together to highlight the issues affecting BAME members of our profession and society generally. 

If you have any questions about the CDLS BAME & Friends Committee, the event or future events, please don’t hesitate to contact Trish D’Souza:

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Trish D'Souza

Cardiff & District Law Society / Capital Law

Trish D’Souza is the Chair of the Cardiff & District Law Society BAME & Friends Subcommittee & an Associate Solicitor at Capital Law, in its Public Law & Regulatory team.