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The coronavirus pandemic has proved a real litmus test for social, ethical, environmentally responsible companies and the legal sector in Wales has an advantage.

Consumers and businesses are now looking for professionals who align with their social, political and ethical values, and law firms are not immune to this accountability.

This is in addition to the pre-existing sustainability demands of Gen Y (‘millennials’) and Gen Z (those born in the late 1990’s – today’s new adult consumer).

What are professional services doing in Wales?

We recently hosted a virtual panel event that included law firms and professional services firms in Wales to help articulate the business case for corporate, social and environmental governance, offer inspiring examples and demonstrate the benefits to your law firm, you clients and the wider community.

As law firms are competing like never before for talented professionals who are now looking for more than remuneration, creating an ethical and socially responsible culture can help you attract, retain and grow talent who will thrive in a meaningful environment.

Our recent event (hosted in June 2021) offered some working examples of how to create one.

We spoke to professionals from businesses in Wales which have successfully put purpose on the agenda, while providing first-class legal, accounting or financial services.

Catch up on our one-hour event and be inspired by home-grown initiatives on how law firms of all sizes can use ethical, social and corporate governance to:

  • Create strong, community-based value that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Open new business opportunities by aligning with the interests of clients – existing and new.
  • Attract and retain talent by creating a meaningful, inclusive and diverse culture that enhances your employees’ wellbeing and job satisfaction.
  • Procure services from and refer to other professionals who are aligned with your mission to create sustainable, strong and healthy local communities and the wider environment.


  • Phil Sampson, Director, PWC (Wales)
  • Meinir Davies, Consultant – Welsh Language Co-ordinator, JCP Solicitors
  • Nathan Vidini, Founder & Partner, AltraLaw
  • Geraint Hampson-Jones Divisional Director: Investment Manager on the Private Client team at Brewin Dolphin (Wales)
  • Chaired by Emma Waddingham, Legal News Wales

Catch up here


Our thanks to our speakers and to Brewin Dolphin, AltraLaw, JCP Solicitors and PWC for taking the time to share their stories.

Cynnig Cymraeg – what it means to JCP Solicitors

In her presentation on JCP Solicitors’ Cynnig Cymraeg accrediation, Meinir Davies mentions two videos, one of which is played during the event. To watch the law firm’s video in Welsh (with subtitles) about how it earned the accreditation from the Welsh Language Commissioner, please click here.

Further information on the Cynnig Cymraeg initiative can be found here. Legal News Wales will share further announcements on law firms that have been granted the accreditation in the next few months as firms progress through the scheme.

In the second video (not played at the event due to timing) Trainee Solicitor, Gwennan Jones, provides an outline of the benefits of undertaking a training contract and working for JCP. The whole video is in Welsh with English subtitles and can be viewed below:

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Legal News Wales is always keen to hear how law firms, in-house legal teams and other legal entities in Wales are adding value to clients and the communities they serve, to inspire others and help attract talented individuals to your firm. Contact the Editor today:

Emma Waddingham

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

Emma Waddingham is the Editor & Founder of Legal News. She is a seasoned legal editor and journalist and experienced marketing & events consultant, working almost exclusively with the UK legal sector.