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Lorna Baldry

Lorna Baldry

Founder & CEO, Brightlink Learning

There are a variety of routes to qualification as a lawyer, routes with longevity that have been at the vanguard of widening participation for more than five decades, including the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives route to qualification as a lawyer.

Brightlink Learning, based in Cardiff, works with around 350 learners all around the world who are studying to be CILEx Lawyers. Our team have been working with and for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives for more than 20 years.

We have the opportunity and the privilege to hear from these remarkable people who widen the demographic of the legal sector, which leads to benefits for all of society.

They tell us that they attend lots of events with other lawyers that are for everyone in the profession and quite right too. Sometimes they attend events aimed at other kinds of legal professionals but they don’t see events that are specifically focussed on CILEx Lawyers. They tell us they would like an event that gives them information, lets them meet and hear from others who are in a similar role or a few steps ahead. In addition, they would like an event which gives them a sense of history, policy and community.

During the week commencing 24th May 2021, we are offering a series of events placing the spotlight on Chartered Legal Executives. We are planning guest speakers, panels and workshops.

What to expect

CILEx team members will talk about the route to judicial appointment and the new CPQ qualifications.

CILEx Lawyers will talk about their career journeys into advocacy, partnership, the judiciary or business ownership and they’ll share what It’s like to work in specific sectors of legal practice. They’ll talk about changing areas of practice and raising the profile of CILEx lawyers. Employers will talk about hiring and working with CILEx Lawyers and what makes them employable.

The event is an opportunity to come together and share experiences, all sessions will be via Zoom and there will be opportunities to ask questions of speakers and panellists.

Who might the event be interesting and useful for?

  • CILEx Lawyers
  • CILEx students
  • Legal training providers
  • Legal employers
  • Legal journalists
  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Anyone who works with lawyers

Everyone is welcome and can find out more information and book here.

Every ticket purchased is a donation to legal education scholarships to support people financially to study for a career in law. Each person attending receives a digital goody bag full of value.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you all in just over a week’s time.

Lorna Baldry

Lorna Baldry

Founder & CEO, Brightlink Learning

Lorna is Chief Executive of Brightlink Learning and is also a Director of the social enterprise and co-operative Restorative Change. Brightlink offers accredited online learning for lawyers and bespoke packages for whole organisations to support CILEx lawyer qualifications,  mental health and wellbeing, domestic abuse awareness and team line management, group, peer and self-supervision.