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Junior lawyers are increasingly leading the narrative on new business ideas, the use of technology and employee engagement, The rise of remote working during the pandemic has shone a light on those who have been tasked to develop their diversification ideas or progress innovations that help their colleagues and clients.

As part of our celebration of the legal sector in Wales for St David’s Day 2021, Legal News Wales was joined by the Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) Cardiff & South East Wales for an event with some of south Wales’ ‘bright sparks’.

Our event highlighted the experiences of junior lawyers in Wales, to see how their hidden skillsets have been discovered and embraced by their employers and the value this trust has added value to the firms and its clients.

The junior lawyers were joined by a partner from their firm who explained how their law firms have managed and motivated their employees to share ideas and new solutions to problems, particularly whilst remote working.

Watch our video below to see how you can tap into the hidden value of junior lawyers, identify exciting and relevant opportunities and support them in bringing their vision to life, to benefit your law firms and your clients. It’s also a great watch for aspiring and junior lawyers, to understand what makes a rising star.

What we covered

  • Discovery – How to uncover the hidden talent within your junior workforce and how to discover it
  • Management – How to nurture innovation and business growth
  • Motivation – Motivating junior lawyers beyond the pay cheque, and the dividends it brings
  • Benefits – How can law firms have and can benefit
  • A short Q&A


  • Adam McGlynn, Chair, JLD Cardiff & SE Wales & Solicitor, Acuity law (profile)
  • Claire Knowles, Partner, Acuity Law (profile)
  • Clive Thomas, Managing Partner, Watkins & Gunn (profile)
  • Jonathan Williams, Trainee Solicitor, Watkins & Gunn (profile)

Watch now

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