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The past two years have significantly raised awareness of the impact of burnout in the legal sector, which has always bubbled under the surface but the narrative has been amplified during the pandemic as many struggle to manage their wellbeing with the increasing needs and expectations of their clients. 

All too often, the role of lawyer can verge into that of a counsellor if left unchecked. Where are the boundaries between client care, working in your client’s best interest and protecting your wellbeing and mental health? 

You can now watch the full recording of our recent event with Mind, AltraLaw and LawCare, where we aim to help you manage clients’ expectations and vicarious trauma, while being confident enough to draw a line. 

In Part 2 of our Wellbeing Series with Mind and AltraLaw, we will also be joined by LawCare to frame a global picture of burnout and vicarious trauma in the legal sector, offer examples and personal testimonial and outline guidance and support for all lawyers and leaders in the legal sector. 

What to expect 

‘How to help you’ will bring you the latest updates on burnout and fatigue in the sector and the increased regulatory focus on wellbeing in the legal workplace. 

The recorded event is an ideal watch for any legal professional, HR managers, and those in leadership positions in the legal sectors, as well as trainees, paralegals and barristers. We covered:  

  • How lawyers are coping in 2022 (dare we say, ‘post-pandemic’) 
  • Burnout– a lawyer’s perspective 
  • How to help yourself 
  • A panel discussion to explore the support & advice available to anyone working in the legal sector 
  • A Q&A session with the panel 


  • Rheian Davies, Head of Legal, Mind 
  • Victoria Hall, Partner, AltraLaw 
  • Mary Jackson, Director (Education & Training), LawCare 

Chaired by Emma Waddingham, Editor, Legal News Wales. 

Watch now 

This event was recorded on 17 March 2022.  

Wellbeing with Mind (Pt 2): How to help you from on Vimeo.

Presenter resources 

  • To access Mary Jackson’s slides from the event, click here. 
  • To view & purchase Victoria Hall’s book (mentioned in the event) ‘Making Sense of Me: Nothing Changes Until I Change – A Guide to a Resilient Life at Home and at Work’, (via Amazon), click here. 

Part 1 – Watch now 

Our Wellbeing series Part 1 explored how to help your clients (particularly vulnerable clients and those in the litigation process) and was presented online on 24 February 2022. Click here to watch and download the supporting resources.  

Support from Mind 

Mind the UK’s largest mental health charity.  It operates across the nations England and Wales in terms of policy, influencing and campaigns.  Local branches of Mind provide frontline advice and care. 

Contact the Legal Team at Mind 


Mind’s Case criteria 

Please note, MIND’s case criteria is currently under review. Click here to view. 

Mind helplines: legal line & information line 

To view and access the helplines, click here. 

About LawCare  

LawCare is an independent charity which offers free and confidential emotional wellbeing support to everyone working in the legal profession. We won’t ask for your roll number or details of your workplace, you don’t have to give your name, and we are independent of professional bodies and regulators. 

We want to make sure everyone working in law knows where to turn for help when things get tough. If you’re planning a wellbeing initiative, or even if you just want to make sure all fee earners and employees feel supported, it’s very simple to let everyone know about the help available from LawCare: 

  1. Add the following content and links to your intranet site: 
  2. LawCare is the mental wellbeing charity for the legal profession offering free, confidential, emotional support, peer support, and resources to those working in the law. If you need support call us on 0800 279 6888, email or go to We understand life in the law. 
  3. Take a look at the resources available in our Dropbox. You could download and print posters to put up on your staff noticeboard, or give every employee a copy of our Top Tips for Looking after Yourself 
  4. Mention LawCare in your staff newsletter or general email. You could use our descriptors as a starting point. You might also let staff know that all those at LawCare answering calls, emails and online chats have experience of working in the legal profession and are keen to support anyone going through a tough time. We’d rather people contacted LawCare early, when they just need to let off steam or talk through a situation; we want them to know that they don’t have to wait until things have escalated, we’re here anytime they need to talk. 
  5. There’s lots more information and some useful resources on our website and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our service, or suggest other ways you can support your colleagues and staff. 
Emma Waddingham

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

Emma Waddingham is the Editor & Founder of Legal News. She is a seasoned legal editor and journalist and experienced marketing & events consultant, working almost exclusively with the UK legal sector.