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The Bar Council has announced that a new Pupillage Gateway platform will be launched in 2022 to improve the application process for applicants and recruiters.

The change is being made following a review of both the ownership and operation of the Pupillage Gateway. The Bar Council has selected Tribepad as its new partner to deliver the new Applicant Tracking System ahead of the opening of the next recruitment timetable in September 2022.

The new Pupillage Gateway will provide new features, including the ability for Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) to upload video content and create bespoke shortlisting forms, as well as options for managing post-offer administration, and improved customer service.

Carolyn Entwistle, the Bar Council’s Director of Services, said:

“The introduction of a new Pupillage Gateway system is an exciting development for the Bar Council. We have a long history of supplying pupillage providers with a recruitment portal for aspiring barristers. The Pupillage Gateway facilitates the adoption of transparent, inclusive, and progressive application processes by AETOs, which are key to attracting those from diverse backgrounds to the profession.”

She added: “It’s important to us to offer all users a platform that is modern in terms of its functionality, easy to navigate, and most importantly, well supported by its providers. The substantial investments that Tribepad make into the development and maintenance of their system and the level of customer support that they offer will help us achieve this, and we are excited to be working with them.”

The Bar Council is writing to all users of the previous Pupillage Gateway to ensure any data and information stored in the system is downloaded and saved ahead of the launch of the new platform.