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From today, the National Assembly for Wales will become the Welsh Parliament or Senedd Cymru, commonly known as the Senedd.

The name has changed to reflect its constitutional status as a national parliament. The Welsh Parliament is a very different construct to the original Assembly, established in 1999, thanks to full law-making powers and the ability to vary taxes.

Jonathan Davies, head of the Law Society’s Wales office, said:

“Last year, the Commission on Justice recommended that justice be devolved to Wales.

“From 6 May 2020, the National Assembly of Wales will be known as the Welsh Parliament or Senedd Cymru and members will be known as Members of the Senedd (MS). This marks an important step towards this recommendation and reflects the growing body of Wales-specific law.

The change of name also means changes to contact details as well as Members and official titles. There are a number of practical considerations to emailing Members of the Senedd (MS) / Aelodau o’r Senedd (AS), which can be found here.

The Welsh Parliament holds added weight for legal services in Wales that look to export / collaborate internationally, as Davies explained:

“English and Welsh law is widely respected around the world and is one of the UK’s most valuable exports. A continued openness between Wales and England and recognition of the Welsh justice system’s distinct needs will help secure future success for the legal sector.”

The Welsh Parliament / Senedd Cymru website will also change. The website will officially change from to and from to

Whilst the old domains will repoint to the new URLs, it’s wise to add these to your bookmarks from today.