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Cardiff University has launched a new Digital Adoption Survey for the Legal Sector in Wales, to help build a picture of legal services in the emerging digital economy in Wales and inform the work of Welsh Government and partners in supporting its development.

Legal service firms, like many other sectors, are undergoing a period of rapid transformation, driven by the emergence of digital technologies to assist processes such as communication, analysis and sales. This trend has led to an increasing reliance on digital technologies to assist with processes such as communication, analysis, and sales, both in businesses and society, particularly since the pandemic.

This academic research project aims to understand how the legal sector is adopting and using digital resources and the challenges being faced in adoption. The study is being carried out by the Welsh Economy Research Unit (WERU) of Cardiff Business School and is funded by Welsh Government.

The legal community in Wales is encouraged to take part, to help generate evidence on benefits gained by legal businesses using digital technologies and inform Welsh Government’s interventions to support digitalisation in the the legal sector in Wales. Useful information about data use and anonymity can be found below, and on the survey page here.

Take part today

Participation in the survey, which will run from 15 May to 23 June 2023.

The survey can be accessed here.

The Digital Adoption Survey for the Legal Sector in Wales, is funded by the Welsh Government and builds on Cardiff University’s long-standing survey of SMEs in Wales that has highlighted the uneven take up of digital technologies across Wales and within sectors.

What will taking part involve?

Participating in this research involves completing an online survey. It is estimated that it will take 12 minutes to complete this survey.

No businesses will be identifiable in any reports produced from the Survey data. All responses to the Survey will be kept confidential, and will be anonymised at the end of data collection by participants being assigned a randomised code to ensure the anonymity of your firm’s identity. Data will then be aggregated. The survey is hosted on

Welsh Government is the Data Controller for this research. Any personal data collected will only be used for the purposes of contacting individuals to collect information relating to the level of take up of technology and digital maturity amongst Wales based legal firms and current and future. See separate Privacy notice for more details about how personal data will be processed.

The project team at Cardiff University will have access to the anonymised survey responses. A summary of the results will be shared with Welsh Government who will use them to inform their interventions to support the legal sector.

What will happen to the results of the research project?

The aggregated results will be shared with Welsh Government. Cardiff Business School will seek to publish the results of this research project in academic journals and present findings at conferences/workshops/seminars/round table discussions. These might also inform future academic research on the impact of the adoption of digital technologies on business performance. Survey participants will not be identified in any report, publication, or presentation.