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Convey Law has appointed two new Directors to the Newport-based legal practice, creating a female-majority board of directors.

Kathryn Jones and Sophia Ramzan have been appointed Directors of Convey Law, joining three other women on the board.

Both women have worked their way through the ranks of the company to senior roles in the firms training Conveyancing Academy divisions. With a young workforce, with an average age of 25 over 130 employees, Kathryn and Sophia will further reduce the average age of the eight Directors to under 40 years of age.

Lloyd Davies, Managing Director of Convey Law, one of three men on the Board, said he believed it was important to make the board representative of the workforce:

“Our workforce is very young on the whole, with a smattering of age-old experience, and is 70% female and so it is no surprise that this is reflected in the make-up of our Board of Directors.

“There are no barriers to success at Convey Law – talent, hard work and dedication is rewarded and everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop their careers and to be the best that they can be in their field of expertise.”

Sophia, 30, from Newport, Senior Property Lawyer and Head of Training, said she was ‘honoured and delighted’ with the appointment and believed it is ‘very important to have a gender representation on a corporate Board of Directors with both males and females with different skills, experiences, backgrounds and lifestyles in order to make the best decisions for the company’.

A Cardiff University Law graduate, Sophia joined the company in 2016 and has won a number of conveyancing awards.

She added:

“Convey Law has gone from strength to strength and I look forward to working with the Executive Management Team to continue this success.”

Kathryn, age 36, from Bargoed, first joined Convey Law in 2011, after taking a Law degree at Glamorgan University. She trained and qualified as a Licensed Conveyancer at Convey and worked with them until 2016, taking a career break and returning in 2019. She is currently Learning and Development Manager and Tutor and Assessor for the Conveyancing Academy and is a previous Convey Law Employee of the Year.

Kathryn said it had been ‘challenging to juggle family life and academic studies’ but her family have been ‘extremely supportive and are incredibly proud of my achievements’. She added:

“I am honoured to be appointed as a Director of Convey Law and look forward to working with the Senior Management Team to continue the success of this award-winning company.”

Lloyd Davies added:

“Both Kath and Sophia have excelled in their respective roles and I believe they will be a tremendous asset to the Board.

“Their appointments also highlight our commitment to training and development as they both lead our Conveyancing Academies, whose voice they will represent on the Board.”