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Croner-i is delighted to announce a partnership between Legal News Wales and CIPD HR-inform, with an aim to support all legal practitioners in Wales by offering Croner-i’s CIPD HR-inform Lite platform for free – alongside additional discounts.

The partnership enables us to share the latest legal sector focused updates on key changes in employment law and HR best practice through the CIPD HR-inform Pro platform.

You can also claim an exclusive 50% discount on the CIPD HR-inform Pro platform.

CIPD HR-inform Pro is the UK’s foremost HR information and resource platform exclusively developed with the CIPD. The service is trusted by over 11,000 HR professionals within the UK and Ireland.

It offers templates, HR guides, case law, as well as thousands of employment law resources and analysis.

Readers of Legal News Wales, are entitled to the free CIPD HR-inform Lite platform which can provide you with:

  • In-depth articles on technical areas
  • Key product updates and filing dates
  • Consultation deadline information
  • Practical insights and Q&As
  • Links to training on technical queries

How to access our discounts

Register for the free CIPD HR-inform Lite platform here.

You are also entitled to an exclusive 50% discount on the CIPD HR-inform Pro platform.

To take a look, click here to request a free demonstration of the platform.

CIPD HR-inform Pro can offer you:

  • 24/7 unlimited advice line: An expert is always on call for your HR, Payroll, and H&S queries.
  • More than 10 functional tools: Holiday pay calculations and job evaluations just got easier.
  • The UK’s most comprehensive salary benchmarking tool: An easy-to-use salary benchmarking tool that gives you instant data on the market rate for job roles across the UK.
  • 2000 + employment law resources: Up-to-date news and analysis with explanations and Q&As.
  • More than 1500 templates: Downloadable and customisable HR templates that can streamline and strengthen your workforce.
  • 200+ practical guides: The hassle is out of HR with checklists, flowcharts to showcase best practice.
  • Over 1200+ case law articles: Employment law cases matter, and you can learn the details of those that matter to you.
  • Hundreds of resources for Strategic HR: Ensure that your longer-term strategies are achieved.

With CIPD HR-inform Pro, you will have access to international employment law in more than thirty countries. In depth updates in 180 UK employment law topics are also present on the platform, as well as analysis of case law.

Sign up to our free CIPD HR-inform Lite platform here.