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Connecting the legal sector in Wales

Welcome to Legal News, the first free, independent source of news, analysis and valuable information on the business of law, events and careers for the legal sector in Wales.

Collectively, alongside our role as informing the legal sector and offering a platform for network building, we aim to showcase the strength of the legal sector in Wales, the opportunities for career progression, the breadth of work and clients supported by legal practices and professionals across the nation, the work of our academic institutions and the campaigns and initiatives of key bodies and organisations for the profession in Wales.

It is our mission to elevate and showcase the legal sector in Wales – and to build resilience in the business of law, to help legal practices and teams feel empowered to grow.

Legal News (founded by experienced legal sector journalist, Emma Waddingham) covers the latest issues, campaigns and success stories affecting legal professionals and practices across Wales. We want to speak to the people who elevate our sector to those at the forefront of the business of law – matters that grow or impede success.

Emma was dubbed the ‘glue that holds the legal sector in Wales together’ by the Counsel General of Wales and Minister for the Constitution, Mick Antoniw MS, in a speech given at the Legal Wales Conference 2023.

Legal News Wales is the event co-ordinator for some of the largest and highest profile events in the legal sector in Wales, from the annual Legal Wales Conferences to Pro Bono Week events, roundtables, and collaborative events with membership organisations, regulators, and influencers in the legal sector in Wales.

Our Community Partners – including RC Brewin Dolphin, TSR Legal Recruitment, Azets, Browne Jacobson, 30 Park Place, Irwin Mitchell, ntitle, PEXA, Phoenix Legal Services and others – renew their annual partnership to access our nationwide network and increasingly work together to create insight, events and opportunities for the legal sector in Wales. In addition to widening networks and sharing their expertise to support legal practices and individuals, our Community Partners are able to open the doors on their culture, showcase the breadth of work and client base, and inspire others.

Our community

We’re supported editorially by a community of national legal organisations, including The Law Society, CILEx, the Equality & Human Rights Commission, the SRA, and more. We also connect regional legal groups and law societies, universities and junior lawyer groups in Wales, and our readers span the length and breadth of the country.

For more information on our community, engagement, events and reach, and how to send content, collaborate or partner with us, please contact the Editor:

Get involved

We want to run your news, opinion pieces and interview key professionals to share the success of the Welsh legal sector, as well as inform with parity, fairness and objectivity on the latest developments that make a clear and valuable difference to the business of law.

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Have something to share?

Send us your news

We’re looking for newsworthy, engaging, thought-provoking and celebratory news to showcase with our readers – those in and working with the legal sector in Wales, and beyond.

As you would expect, we update our content daily so send us news on your people, your successes, newsworthy collaborations, charity work, significant client matters, award-wins and campaigns.

We also want to know how your firm and clients are doing during the Covid-19 outbreak to inspire and support others. Click here to contact the Editor.

Thought leadership

Our team of journalists are looking for features and interview ideas, valuable case studies, analysis, opinion and insight into the legal profession in Wales, as well as expert-driven content on the business of law, today. Get in touch with us.

It’s our aim to ensure the Welsh legal profession has access to knowledge and expertise that helps the sector flourish.

Legal News also aims to be a showcase to the rest of the UK and beyond in terms of excellence, scope of work and talent.


Legal News is the go-to source of event listings for legal and associated practitioners in Wales. Since launching in March 2020, we have hosted approx 2-3 events per week, and welcomed almost 20,000 delegates to our online events.

We’ve hosted seminars, virtual conferences, webinars delivered in the medium of Welsh (with English translation), charity events, roundtables and health check ‘drop in’ sessions for law firms with The Law Society Wales.

We’ve collaborated on events with a variety of organisations & brands, including:

  • The Law Society Wales
  • The Law Society & various specialist member groups, including Lawyers with Disabilities and the Law Management Committee
  • The SRA
  • The Equality & Human Rights Commission Wales
  • Legal Wales Foundation (we hosted the Legal Wales Conference 2020)
  • Public Law Wales
  • Legal Innovation Lab Wales (part of Swansea University & the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law)
  • Cardiff & District Law Society
  • Cheshire & North Wales Law Society
  • Swansea & District Law Society
  • JLD Cardiff & SE Wales
  • Yolk Recruitment
  • Brewin Dolphin
  • Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) Cymru
    Access to Justice Foundation
  • Reaching Justice Wales
  • LawWorks Cymru
  • LawCare
  • Alys Carlton Consulting
  • Public Speaking Solutions
  • Wales Legal Awards 2020
  • Watkins & Gunn
  • Sweetmans and Partners
  • 30 Park Place
  • DAC Beachcroft LLP
  • Newfields
  • and many others….

Hosting an event?

If you have an event you’d like to collaborate on or promote through Legal NewsWales – including conferences, seminars, social gatherings, networking, black tie events and training days – then please get in touch to see how we can help.

Reach your target audience

Exclusive Partnership & Advertising opportunities

We have a range of advertising opportunities for those looking to work with an influence legal professionals in Wales.

We can help you reach your target audience in a variety of ways, including:

  • Thought leadership
  • Our weekly e-newsletters
  • Events
  • Job vacancies (for employers-only)

Our readership offers employers an exceptionally targeted audience to help fill key roles in your legal practice. Legal News offers employers an exciting and unique new advertising opportunity.

Who we like to partner with

  • Partners with a clear vision and capacity to support, empower and enable a resilience, diverse and empowered legal sector in Wales.
  • Partners that have strength and depth of expertise for us to call upon, and the capacity, to deliver content, events and dynamic content such as videos / podcasts
  • Partners with an established network and looking to grow – offering us proven success and a strong reputation (with a clear plan on how you aim to grow with the legal sector in Wales).
  • Partners with the time and ambition to help share thought-leadership, host roundtables with us and take part in podcasts.
  • Partners that have a range of services for the legal sector, that may also offer training and development opportunities and insight to empower law firms.
  • Partners that offer services that dovetail with legal services – so that we can share the success of both our partners and the sector.
  • Accessible, personable individuals able to offer jargon-free, engaging and relevant insight.
  • Proactive organisations able to make the most of the introductions we offer.


Please contact us for packages and details.

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

Emma Waddingham is the Editor & Founder of Legal News. She is a seasoned legal editor and journalist and experienced marketing & events consultant, working almost exclusively with the UK legal sector.