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TSR Legal Recruitment is celebrating 20 years of support for the legal sector in Wales and England, offering strategic recruitment support, careers advice for individuals and unrivalled market insight. We spoke to Karen Jones, Managing Director at TSR Legal about the consultancy’s relationships, successes and the positive impact of it’s specialist support for employers and candidates.

TSR Legal is a highly respected recruiter that take the time to understand your business, its aims and the life goals of individuals, helping to make positive long-term matches to support the sustainability and growth of firms, in-house legal teams and start-ups.

Karen Jones, Co-Founder of TSR Legal, is driven by the results of their work, seeing law firms grow and take advantage of change – despite the challenges. She says:

“We are hugely grateful to our candidates and clients. We love seeing people progress, from trainees to partners and directors, and it’s a pleasure to see both firms and practitioners blossom through our networks and through our partnership with Legal News Wales.

“We’re also proud of our long-standing reputation in the market, and with our contemporaries too; we’re all in it for the same reason, to empower and develop individuals and teams, who in turn, support our communities and businesses in Wales and beyond. It has been and will always be our mission to help create a dynamic, sustainable, resilient and aspirational legal sector in Wales.”

As the go-to recruiter for the sector, TSR Legal is a highly collaborative and highly resourced team, widely known for its success in helping to recruit talent for new legal teams and offices, for project recruitment and discrete headhunting for clients. It is the exclusive recruitment partner for a number of top 100 law firms thanks to its candidate pool, professionalism and successful recruitment management.

For everything legal recruitment

TSR Legal is the exclusive legal recruitment agency partner with Legal News Wales. For more information and to contact the team, visit or call 02920 388100 to speak to the Cardiff office.

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