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Each month TSR Legal speaks to professionals working in different areas of the legal sector, to draw down on their experience and insight. This month, Rachel Phillips (TSR Legal) meets Adele Carter, Commercial Director at Acuity Law.

Adele works alongside the Acuity Law’s senior executive team to drive talent acquisition and business growth.

Q: What has been your 2023 highlight to date?

A: There are so many to choose from! We welcomed 22 talented colleagues to the firm so far this year and will continue to grow our community of talented legal experts.

We’ve also added some incredible products and services to our portfolio this year and launched our Acuity Client Portal in February. We’re firmly on a mission to innovate and have worked with our clients to develop in-house a suite of products and services that enable greater and more seamless access to our legal services.

You may have noticed that we’re slowly conquering the UK with offices across 7 UK Cities – there’s no escaping us.

Q: How does the firm stand out from the crowd?

A: From our corporate structure to the way we work and the people I’m proud to call my colleagues, we really are a different law firm. Firstly, and foremost, we’re a modern business with a passion for delivering better legal services.

Acuity lawyers are curious and inquisitive with a flair for entrepreneurship.  The average age of our workforce is 33 and with that comes a lot of energy and natural curiosity. We’re constantly seeking ways to challenge the status quo to ensure we put our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Acuity Law?

A: The meritocracy – the ability to work with like-minded people to collectively drive and steer a thriving business.  Everyone has a voice. No day is the same and it’s incredibly exciting and liberating – and sometimes a little manic!

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring lawyers?

A: Question, question, question! Take every opportunity to learn as much as you can about the industry. Explore vacation schemes and work experience opportunities to get a feel how different firms work.

Be open-minded to possibilities – the industry is changing rapidly with so many different routes to qualification. Be kind to yourself; don’t over analyse when things don’t work out as initially planned. Never give up!

Q: What are you doing to create an inclusive workplace?

A: We’re proud of the collaborative and collegiate community that we’ve built. I’m always aware that we may not be right for everyone and it really does come down to chemistry. As a result, we’ve created a community of like-minded people. People get on, and genuinely enjoy working together.

We’re an unstuffy business, meritocratic in both structure and practice. We’re incredibly transparent and always ensure that everyone knows what’s happening firm-wide. This year we established our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which is headed up by our Employment Legal Director, Juliette Franklin. The committee work across our business on D&I initiatives to ensure everyone feels well represented and a valuable part of our business.

Q: What can we expect to see from Acuity law in the remainder of 2023?

A: More talented colleagues, more products and services, and world domination!

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