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The majority of lawyers – and their clients – are working remotely. With this in mind, Legal News Wales wanted to explore how lawyers can make their presentation, client pitch or speech stand out and win new instructions in a virtual space.

We invited Deborah Thomas, the Founder of Public Speaking Solutions, to share the key ingredients to conveying your message clearly, in an engaging way, and how to captivate your listeners to win that new project.

Many of us are guilty of dashing from one meeting to the next at the best of times, but in the online world of Zoom, Teams, Skype and phone calls, things seem a little frantic. We’re increasingly seeing the niceties being left out of online calls as we progress through lockdown – the result of so-called ‘Zoom fatigue’.

The many hours of online coffee meetings and catch ups that we all craved at the start of lockdown have worn us out and quite possibly, we’re not paying the same amount of care and attention to how we’re presenting ourselves online.

As further lockdown restrictions are placed on counties in Wales and with the latest government message strengthening the ‘work from home if you can’ advice, professionals need to be sure they have identified and honed their online presence skills to converse with clients and stand out from the competition.

The event

Deborah joined me to explain the common mistakes we make online and provide top tips on how to engage the voice and body, and how to connect to your message with clear intention and purpose. The event recording below is free to access so those who missed the event can still benefit from her experience and unmissable advice.

The event (recorded on the 16 September 2020) focused on the changes we are all making in lockdown: the adaptations to our new working environments, the virtual platforms we are sharing daily and how to hold our client relationships, online.

Deborah has also provided Legal News Wales readers with a useful crib sheet of the key ingredients discussed in the event. Click here to download.

Watch again

(Please note, the event was recorded live)


Speaker profile

Deborah Thomas, Public Speaking Solutions

Deborah is an international public speaking and presentation skills coach with clients in Silicone Valley, Wall street and Canary Wharf. Her love for theatre, acting and education opened up a career that began in London in 2004 and has seen her travel extensively, before settling back in her native Wales.

In 2011 she began teaching part time at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama alongside coaching her Life’s A Pitch training programme in the corporate sector. She has long standing relations with the legal industry, recognising that if she had her time again, she would have trained as a lawyer.

Deborah has an excellent track record of running successful public speaking and presentation skills programmes within the Legal Sector. Individuals and teams from boutique, mid and top tier firms have benefited from her knowledge and experience of what it takes to make a first and lasting impression with an audience. For more information, please click here.

“Deborah is a first-class coach. She is a genuine expert in her field who brings passion and energy to her work. She is incredibly patient, and her sessions are always varied and enlightening. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their personal impact and presentation skills.” (Toria Kendrick, Eversheds Sutherland.)

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Emma Waddingham

Emma Waddingham

Editor, Legal News

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