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Thank you for joining us at the LegalTech Wales Roadshow Cardiff event, hosted in March 2024. We have compiled all the contacts and useful information for attendees and those who registered, but could not join us for the event.

It was a resounding success and we aim to further the LegalTech Wales community and support in the future. While we already share a range of insights on the solutions, approaches and challenges around technology adoption in the legal sector in Wales, we would love to know how we can improve our events and offer even more to law firms, lawyers and the LegalTech curious.

Below you’ll find our resources and contacts for all our event speakers and partners, as well as our feedback form.

What did you think?

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The feedback survey is also embedded at the bottom of this page. It should take around 4-5 minutes to complete!

Alternatively, please contact our editor ( with your thoughts on the event and workshops, to help us build meaningful free events in the future.

Speaker info & resources

Below you’ll find our resources and contacts for all our event speakers and partners:


A message from Pugh Computers & Microsoft

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who attended Pugh’s sessions at the LegalTech Wales Roadshow in Cardiff. It truly was a great event! We are now looking forward to the upcoming Bangor and Swansea events.

It was inspiring to see the level of interest and engagement in our Modern Workplace solutions, and here’s a recap of the key questions from our sessions:

Q1. When using Copilot to generate presentations, is it possible to use a corporate template to get all presentations to follow the company branding/theme?

Answer: Yes – Use your organization’s branding with Copilot in PowerPoint – Microsoft Support.

Q2. When using Copilot to summarise a conversation of multiple emails, do the emails used get marked as ‘Read’?

Answer: No, however, if you click on a reference, it takes you to that email and then that email is marked as ‘Read’.

Q3. How do I know if I have a Standard or Premium Teams Room license?

Answer: You can check in the M365 admin center by going to ‘Billing’ > ‘Licenses’. You may need to ask your IT team to access this portal for you. If you’re interested in the meeting recording functionality, that is in Standard – you just turn on ‘Record and Transcribe’. A short while after the end of the meeting, recap functionality is available in the meeting chat window. Here, Standard will show you the recording and transcription, however, it will be obvious here if you have Premium from the timelines of speakers underneath the video. All the differences are listed here – Microsoft Teams Premium licensing – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn.

Q4. What Large Language Model (LLM) is Copilot based on?

Answer: ChatGPT 4 Turbo. Our understanding is that this is the latest, recently released version.


Our information handout is available here, reminding you of our five-step approach to Copilot adoption. These are practical actions you can take today, no matter which stage you’re currently at, whether you’ve never used AI before, all the way up to taking that final step to adopt Copilot AI organisation wide.

The event presentations for Eifion Evans, Pugh Computers, and Kate Jefferyes, Microsoft, can be downloaded in PDF format, via the links below:

Contact us for more

For anybody interested in Modern Workplace solutions such as M365, Copilot AI and modern hybrid meeting spaces, please get in touch with our friendly expert Eifion Evans on 01974 200 203 / or email, who is more than happy to chat about your needs and how we can support your legal firm.


Dye & Durham – Unity® Global Platform

Dye & Durham is a global leader in legal technology. The company’s three categories of integrated solutions – practice management, data insights and due diligence, and client onboarding – give solicitors the essential tools they need to run their firms.

Trusted by thousands of legal practitioners across the United Kingdom and globally, Dye & Durham helps law firms achieve more growth with less effort.

Dye & Durham’s Unity® Global Platform gives law firms everything they need to run a thriving practice from one single place.

Unity® Global Platform includes:

  • Complete practice management via Quill, a Dye & Durham solution
  • Conveyancing-specific workflows that make managing a property transaction more efficient
  • Due diligence reports for both property and corporate transactions so law firms and their clients can make decisions with confidence
  • Fast and reliable company formations services
  • Trust and firm accounting
  • Document management and storage

Dye & Durham began investing in the UK in 2017 and has since built a portfolio of interlocking value-added services used today by thousands of solicitors across the country.

Contact us today

Start the conversation with Dye & Durham. Contact Paul Tobin, Dye & Durham UK via email at or call 0800 038 8350.

A message from PureCyber

Thank you for joining us for this fantastic first LegalTech Wales Roadshow event in Cardiff.

What happens when ransomware hits? Free webinar, 20 March

If you’d like to hear more about the impact of ransomware attacks, continuing the issues raised in our panel discussion, then please register now to join our free webinar with Lockton, hosted on the 20 March 2024, 12-1pm. Click here for more.

Why PureCyber?

A well-protected law firm has the potential to be confident and the most innovative. The smartest firms don’t just manage cyber risk, they use it as a source of growth and market edge. Technology makes many things possible, but possible doesn’t always mean safe. As cyber threats grow in volume and sophistication and technology becomes essential for meeting the needs of your clients, employees, suppliers and society, your cyber security must build resilience and trust.

PureCyber helps create a resilient and trusted digital world — even in the face of evolving threats. That’s because we bring a combination of technological expertise, deep business knowledge, and expert professionals who are passionate about protecting and building your business.

Your single point service solution that reduces costs and eliminates the resource intensity needed to manage multiple vendors.

Contact us today

Find out more about PureCyber’s services for the legal sector, and how to get in touch, here.

Validient: Automated Client Compliance & Due Diligence Software

Digitally automated compliance and enhanced due diligence solutions for law firms and regulated businesses.  Where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous scrutiny to empower your business with the ultimate advantage. With increasing regulatory compliance, our platform is your trusted companion, providing the most sophisticated tools for identity verificationPEP and Sanctions screening, AMLongoing monitoring and risk assessments, giving you a full compliance and due diligence solution without needing an app.

Save time. Reduce costs.

Find out how you can onboard clients up to 90% faster.

Let’s talk

Contact Ieuan Leigh, CEO at Validient, for a conversation. Email, call 07481082712 or visit


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