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The Legal Innovation Lab Wales (LILW), part of the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law at Swansea University, has opened applications for its new Innovative Lawyers Wales workshops – created specifically to help Trainee Solicitors and law firms in Wales create an emerging LawTech ambassador within their organisation.

LegalTech is fast becoming a priority for many law firms across the UK, with legal technologies offering higher productivity, lower costs and more time-efficient results. It is becoming a crucial component in allowing firms to remain competitive in the legal market.

The LILW is offering firms in Wales free, unique support to inspire confidence amongst practitioners, to identify and use technological solutions in their business growth plans.

These workshops are fully funded and exclusive to Wales, and places are limited.

Free, targeted workshops

The workshops have been created with input from law firms in Wales, to tackle some of the questions and challenges legal practices can face when identifying, exploring, installing and managing LegalTech solutions.

It is hoped that by offering junior with an overview of LegalTech, law firms can build their knowledge and even create an in-house tech ambassador team to help make the introduction of or expansion of current legal tech systems easier – and more efficient!

The workshop elements cover introductions to a wide range of LegalTech concepts, from smart contracts and legal documentation to understanding data, tech implementation, AI and how to make the most of the technology you already have.

Watch the LILW video below to understand why this workshop is such a valuable opportunity.

What to expect

The first workshop in the series for Innovative Lawyers Wales: Decoding LegalTech, has been created specifically for trainee solicitors in Wales, following an 8-week format giving you the opportunity to:

  • Explore the application of data science and artificial intelligence to legal documents
  • Write and deploy smart contracts
  • Innovate at no cost using your existing tech
  • Assess the LegalTech readiness of your law firm and develop implementation plans
  • Explore new opportunities for collaborative innovation

These new workshops will not only provide you with a hands-on, interactive experience in an ever-advancing field but also allow you to explore technologies that will improve the legal sector for law firms in Wales and wider.

Register now to start your LegalTech journey. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Please note that places are limited, so be quick!


For more information please visit or email the Lab at