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Legal News Wales and Cardiff and District Law Society have collaborated to run a wellbeing survey for lawyers in Wales, to help understand how the increased focus on wellbeing has shaped employees’ aspirations for how they want to work, where and what kind of support they expect from their employers in the months and years ahead.

The purpose of the temperature check is to hear from law firm employees – to obtain their views on returning to work, what a working week might look like, expectations for wellbeing support, remote and flexible working and more – to help law firms create attractive, healthy and aspirational places to work.

As law firms are planning to integrate remote working and possibly flexible working into their long-term operation, now is the time to see what employees want, and share that data with decision-makers.

Get your voice heard!

All responses will be anonymous and we would welcome anyone to share the link to reach as many employees as possible in the legal sector in Wales.

Deadline for entries: 30 April 2021

Pass it on!

To share the survey with others employed in the Welsh legal sector, you can share this page, or the direct survey link:

What we’ll do with the results

We will of course share the findings with you after the survey has closed, in a report that coincides with mental Health Awareness Week 2021 (10-16 May), which will also be sent to law firms across Wales.

Challenge is on to build satisfying, healthy workplaces in Wales

The recent Legal News Wales ‘Legal Sector in Wales’ survey for decision-makers, offered a clear and consistent voice from law firms on what they felt the key challenges are for their business.

A representative selection of over 100 decision-makers in legal services from across Wales took part in our survey in March 2021. Our full report with Sweetmans and Partners will be released soon but we can share that law firms told us that attracting and retaining talented staff here in Wales is a potential barrier to growth. Firms also reported that managing the resilience / wellbeing of their employees was one of the top three priorities during the pandemic, as suggested by a sneak peek of the results we’ve shared, below.

Our findings from our survey with Sweetmans and Partners indicate that law firms will need to work harder to shake off increasing recruitment competition from competitors in England – firms that often include higher salaries.

Law firms in Wales should, therefore, be particularly keen to hear the responses to our wellbeing survey with CDLS, to understand what legal sector employees across Wales expect from and aspire to in terms of their post-pandemic work/life balance.

In addition, the survey respondents confirmed that employees’ wellbeing was one of the main concerns for decision-makers in law firms during the past 12 months.

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