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Legal News Wales has launched its first Legal Sector in Wales survey, to find out how law firms in Wales are planning for a post-pandemic world and the challenges they face in progressing big decisions.

The survey is completely anonymised, contains simple questions and is aimed at decision-makers in legal entities in Wales. We’ve produced it in collaboration with Sweetmans and Partners, and the wonderful people at DooPoll.

If you’re keen to take part, visit but for those who’d like to understand why we’ve launched it and what we’ll do with the information, read on!

Our Editor, Emma Waddingham, explains a little more in a video we shared at launch:

Why we launched the survey

This unique survey has been prompted by conversations that our Editor and Chris Sweetman (Director, Sweetmans and Partners) have had with law firms about what a post-pandemic legal sector in Wales might look like.

We’ve noticed some common themes about how (understandably) cautious firms are at the moment around some key decisions and their future direction. These themes have also come through in our events, most recently at our two-day celebration of the legal sector in Wales, to mark St David’s Day.

These themes include:

  • Remote working after lockdown
  • Legal Tech
  • Wellbeing
  • Plans for growth
  • How the firm will operate
  • What offices will look like
  • Recruitment: from competition with English firms to diversity and inclusion
  • Being relevant to clients & attracting new clients
  • Challenges / threats to plans
  • What other firms are doing / thinking

What are other firms doing?

In some of our conversations, it became apparent that leaders would value hearing the thoughts of other legal entities in Wales, to explore whether they are experiencing the same challenges and spotting similar opportunities – to give them access to other perspectives as they shape their firms’ plans for the future.

It will also help us to share highly relevant content, resources and events to help your business thrive.

What we’ll do with the research

We’ll share regular updates on the results over the next few months, joined by a couple of short, top-up surveys, before launching our full report later this year, to help inform and inspire the legal community in Wales.

Our thinking is that a stronger legal sector benefits everyone.

The idea is that it will support the legal community here in Wales with those decisions so that the sector as a whole can emerge successfully from the pandemic.

Take part!

If you enjoyed our events, please do show your thanks by taking part in our Legal Sector in Wales Survey, here:

It takes minutes to do and you’ll take part anonymously (even if you opt to join our mailing list at the end).

Our thanks to our survey partners Sweetmans and Partners and also doopoll for its incredible support.

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