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The Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG) has launched a new survey for students, to gain a clear understanding of who wants to do legal aid work in the future, who doesn’t and to seek perspectives on whether legal education prepares students for legal aid practice and how this could be improved.

The Legal Aid Census 2021: Student Survey closes on the 11th July 2021. The LAPG urges student and academic institutions to share the survey and take part before the deadline.

The survey is being undertaken by academics at Cardiff and Newcastle Universities in collaboration with Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG) and the Westminster Commission on Legal Aid.

The Legal Aid Census 2021 aims to help gain a better understand the number and nature of the organisations that make up the legal aid sector and the services that they provide (and will provide) as the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The census will collate workforce data from providers and practitioners of legal aid, as well as aspiring practitioners, across England and Wales.

This part of the survey looks at the views and experiences of law students.

The LAPG states:

‘We do not have a clear understanding of who wants to go into legal aid work and who does not.

‘We need to know why law students are motivated (or not) to pursue a career in legal aid, the barriers that exist and how legal aid work could be made more accessible.

‘We also want to gather perspectives on whether legal education prepares students for legal aid work and how legal education can be improved for those seeking to enter legally aided practice.’

The survey is confidential and all responses provided will only be used for research purposes.

Take part by 11 July 2021

TO take part in the survey, please CLICK HERE & then share widely with your networks.

No identifying information will be shared with the institution where you are studying and you will not be identified in any reports or publications.

All of your answers will be combined with others in the survey.

If you have any difficulty completing the questionnaire or have any questions please contact

For the research FAQs, please click here.