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Legal News Wales and NetSec –  digital transformation specialists for ambitious businesses – have partnered to offer exclusive insight, inspiration and support for legal practices in Wales.

In a complex legal landscape, where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role, the collaboration between NetSec and Legal News Wales has a distinct focus; to drive digital transformation within the legal sector in Wales, for legal practices of all shapes and sizes – wherever they are based.

Announcing the Community Partnership, Myles Peart, Technical Director at NetSec, said:

“NetSec envisions a legal sector that seamlessly integrates technology into its core operations and the mindset of legal professionals to becoming technology first. By collaborating with Legal News Wales, our aim is to partner and deliver this transformation across law firms, legal practitioners, and regulatory bodies.

“Choosing to partner with Legal News Wales was an easy decision for us. At the core we both prioritise integrity and ethical conduct which in turn will benefit the legal community.”

Netsec is committed to delivering positive change into the legal sector. As a business, NetSec recognises that technology is no longer an optional add-on for law firms; it’s a fundamental driver of success, as Myles explains:

“Our commitment to digital transformation aligns perfectly with Legal News Wales’ mission to keep legal professionals informed about technology trends and innovations, whether that’s to improve how technology is used or simply the bottom line.”

NetSec’s services align seamlessly with Legal News Wales’ mission to promote best practices and transparency within the legal sector. Innovation is key for success. Through this partnership, we will share the developments for the legal sector with NetSec to drive innovation that benefits legal professionals and their clients.

Emma Waddingham, Editor, Legal News Wales, said:

“I am passionate that Legal News Wales is a frontrunner for legal technology insights sourced for the legal profession in Wales, and we take care and attention to the partners we work with. Our partnership with NetSec will allow us to deliver timely information on emerging technologies, best practices, and implementation strategies into the legal space from a trusted source.

“We understand that technology adoption isn’t just about tools, it’s about mindset and awareness. Through articles, interviews, and events, we work with our new partner NetSec, and our Community Partner ecosystem, to inspire law firms about the transformative potential of legal technology and to guide informed decisions.

Myles believes this partnership will be a catalyst for positive change. He said that ‘as digital transformation becomes crucial for legal firms, this collaboration promises a future where technology enhances legal practice, fosters compliance, and ultimately contributes to firm successes’, and added:

“We’re looking forward to being part of the legal community through this partnership and will hopefully encourage dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between professionals, to drive change and shape the future of legal services across Wales.”

For more information about NetSec, its values and services for the legal profession, visit:




NetSec is a team of IT experts on a mission to help businesses succeed through technology. Wales-grown, with an international reach, it has a wealth of experience in the field and specialise in the unique IT needs of UK businesses. NetSec’s experience has taught us that businesses need a unified IT partner that truly understands their objectives, challenges, and resources.

A forward-thinking team of industry experts with a passion for problem-solving, innovation and driving business change through technology, NetSec’s services are designed around strategy and digital transformation for your business in one place.

NetSec is a single point of contact for the IT needs of your business, taking care of everything from strategy through to support. From managed IT support to consultancy and procurement, NetSec is a gateway for firms to work with a single partner who understands the sector and acts in their best interest. The team makes IT easy through consolidated platforms and straightforward support.

Partnerships are at the heart of NetSec’s culture and approach. It takes the time to understand each business, their risks, and strategic goals from the outset. This intimate knowledge allows us to create tailored solutions to achieve success.

Having a vendor-agnostic perspective allows us to act in firms best interest by piecing together solutions using platforms and technologies from NetSec’s extensive partner network with major technology providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Lenovo.

Elevate your practice with NetSec’s cutting-edge solutions and start now with your digital transformation journey.