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The Welsh Government Guidance under Regulation 7A of the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020 comes into force today.

In a nutshell, this part of the guidance is aimed at ‘any person who required by the Coronavirus Regulations to take all reasonable measures to ensure that a distance of 2 metres is maintained on particular premises’.

The guidance seems at raise more questions than answers in terms of how it would be enforced.

The Welsh Government said:

“The purpose of the Guidance is to help businesses and other organisations understand what kind of reasonable measures they can take to ensure that persons on their premises stay 2 metres apart.

“Maintaining a distance of 2 metres between persons who are not in the same household is an important aspect of the measures we must all take to minimise the risks of the spread of COVID 19.  It is something we should aim to do in all aspects of our daily lives.

“But the Welsh Government has chosen to impose a legal requirement on workplaces to ensure that everything reasonable is done to minimise transmission of coronavirus.

“The guidance is intended to assist people in understanding what ‘taking all reasonable measures’ means and what to do if it is not possible to maintain a distance of 2 metres in certain circumstances.”

First Minister, Mark Drakeford said:

“We have asked people to stay at home, to save lives and protect the NHS. These temporary restrictions on gatherings and the movement of people in Wales are an important part of our efforts to help protect the public from the spread of coronavirus.

“These new regulations will ensure workers are safe in the workplace, by ensuring the social distancing measures.”

 The principles, reasonable measures & review information can be found here.