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Cardiff University is looking for feedback from law firms to ensure it’s offering the best form of SQE preparation course for the legal sector, as it introduces one or more new SQE programmes that prepare students for sitting the SQE assessments and their period of qualifying work experience.

The university is interested in your views on the best form of SQE preparation course, including whether you would want students to have studied for (and passed) both SQE1 and SQE2 before starting work with you, or whether they would need only to have studied and passed SQE1.

It is also looking to include optional or elective subjects in its planned programmes and is interested in your views on this.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has introduced a new centralised assessment for intending solicitors – the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, or SQE.

The SQE is split into two parts. The first part (SQE1) involves a number of multiple-choice tests based on a series of core academic and practical subjects which hitherto have been covered in the law degree and on the Legal Practice Course. The second part (SQE2) consists of a series of oral and written skills assessments, some of which has also been covered on the LPC.

Can you help?

A short survey has been prepared by Cardiff University, which would be grateful for any responses from law firms. It should take five minutes to respond and any feedback will be immensely helpful to the university.

To answer the survey, please click here.

The survey is open until 5pm on Monday 12 December 2022.