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Advocate, the Bar’s pro bono charity, is encouraging barristers to take part in its #ProBono35 campaign by donating £35 to Advocate when renewing their practising certificates through the Bar Council’s MyBar portal.

The donations Advocate receives through this process makes up almost 50% of its funding which the charity said is fundamental to its sustained success.

The last page of the practising certificate renewal form presents an opportunity for barristers to donate to Advocate.

Advocate said:

“We can never be a substitute for legal aid, but through us barristers provide a transformative opportunity for many applicants who are in dire need of assistance with their legal matters and would otherwise be navigating the justice system alone.

“We know that 2022 was a challenging year for many at the Bar, but to the extent you can, please support your national pro bono charity. The impact of your donation is vital because it makes up nearly 50% of our funding.

Last year, through its core casework alone, Advocate helped two in three people whose cases were accepted by its reviewing panel, placing over 1,100 pieces of pro bono work.

Thanks to donations from this initiative, Advocate said it could reunite families, compensate victims of unfair dismissal, secure asylum for victims of modern slavery, reclaim lost benefits and tackle many more injustices.

How to donate

The donation page is just before the checkout on the MyBar portal and it includes the option to give more than £35 if you would like to. Please also complete your address, which means we can claim gift aid from HMRC, making your donation worth an additional 25% to us, at no cost to you.

Join this year’s campaign

When you join, together with your peers, to donate £35 or more each, you contribute to almost 50% of our running costs. Many people do not realise that a £35 donation can amount to so much. This simple donation from the Bar allows us to support many more people who are in dire need of legal assistance.

As the number of individuals applying to Advocate for legal assistance continues to increase, it asks barristers to remember this opportunity to help people in need get access to justice, and to donate your #ProBono35 when you renew your practising certificate.

For more information on #ProBono35 and Advocate, click here.