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Legal mental health charity releases latest Covid-19 data

Legal mental health charity LawCare has released data on all Covid-19 related contacts it has received to date for Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May). It reported that 48 legal professionals have contacted the charity with issues related to COVID-19 since 10th March, making up over a third (37%) of all contacts to their support service.

The top three issues concerning legal professionals are:

  • Not being permitted to work from home
  • Financial issues due to furlough/pay cuts or lack of work, and;
  • Worsening of existing mental health conditions.

Other problems have included relationship strain, childcare issues and being asked to work whilst on furlough.

Elizabeth Rimmer, Chief Executive of LawCare, said:

“We feel this is very much the tip of the iceberg and anticipate in the coming weeks more and more legal professionals will contact us as the emotional and financial impact of the pandemic begins to really hit home.”

In response to the pandemic LawCare has developed a COVID-19 hub full of information and resources at, where you can also access emotional support via email, webchat and LawCare’s peer support service. The helpline number is 0800 279 6888 (1800 991 801 in Ireland).

Rimmer reminded legal professionals – including support staff, that the service and support is free and always in confidence. She said:

“Talking through your problems with one of our trained staff and volunteers, who have all worked in the law themselves, can really help.”

The charity is also asking legal professionals to share moments in their legal career when someone showed them kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020,

You can share yours using #momentofkindness and tagging @LawCareLtd on Twitter, or LawCare on Facebook and Linkedin.

Catch up on our event with LawCare & JLD Cardiff for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Take a moment to stop, pause and reboot

Legal News, the Junior Lawyer Division Cardiff & LawCare held a ‘moment of mindfulness’ event at the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

If you missed the event, please click here for the 10 minute mindfulness session and to view some useful mental health resources from the charity.